Maa Narmada Pujan

Bhagwan Shiva has special grace on Narmada in Omkareshwar; That is why Lord Shiva is enthroned as Jyotirlinga on both sides of Narmada. It is said that one can get rid of all sins by just a visit to Maa Narmada in Omkareshwar. Narmada is one of the seven sacred rivers of India and is the daughter of Shiva. Worship of Maa Narmada has special significance in Omkareshwar. Priest : 1. Time : 30-60 Minuts

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when you book your Puja or Abhishek in Omkareshwarar, our priest will approach you to have some details like name, gotra, kundali etc. After that they will check your Kundali and nakshatra. After all the confirmations, you can attend the abhishek & Puja in omkareshwar, where our priest will perform all the rituals.

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Significance of worship at Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga region

Om (ॐ) is the Mool Mantra of the four Vedas, 18 Puranas and innumerable Shastras. Om is the beginning of the universe and the end is also the same. Although the echo of Omkar is heard in every particle of India, but there is a place on this land of India where Narmada and Kaveri, the sacred rivers of Sakshat Bharat, together form an island of Om Aakar (Om sizes), whose circumambulation is of great importance. Here Lord Omkareshwar lives with Maa Parvati and the whole family and 33 koti deities reside with his family.

Every worship performed here is of paramount importance. All the wishes of the seeker are fulfilled by the worship performed here.

Best time to perform Puja

It is believed that in Jyotirlinga region there is no barrier of date and constellation to perform Puja.

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Maa Narmada has special significance in Omkareshwar. Here Narmada and Kaveri form a OM-shaped mountain (Omkar Parvat) on which Bhagwan Shankar himself resides as Omkareshwar. Omkareshwar. After that Kaveri itself gets extinct in Narmada.

It is from Omkareshwar that the Narmada Parikrama (Four Months) and Panchkoshi Yatra (Five Days) begins and ends there.

Lord Shiva is also pleased by worshiping Narmada in Omkareshwar and all sins are destroyed.

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ऑनलाइन वीडियो कॉल से आप लाइव अभिषेक देख सकते हैं ।
अभिषेक की वीडियो क्लिप (video clip) व प्रशाद आपको उसी दिन (same day) ऑफलाइन (offline) या अगले दिन कूरियर (courier) से भेजी जाएगी।
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