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Book Offline and Online Puja Services from the comfort of your home, attend the puja and Abhishek on the video call and get your Prashadi delivered to your home. We have perfect Vedic pundits with enormous knowledge of Vedas and proper Rituals. We do the Online puja services with proper Pre-eminent.

You can take advantage of any Puja and Abhishek sitting at your home.
This Online Puja services & Abhishek are done on the holy land of Jyotirlinga Omkareshwar or Ujjain.

Significance of worship at Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga region

Om (ॐ) is the Mool Mantra of the four Vedas, 18 Puranas, and innumerable Shastras. Om is the universe’s beginning and the end is also the same. However, the echo of Omkar is heard in every particle of India. there is a place on this land of India where Narmada and Kaveri, the sacred rivers of Sakshat Bharat, together form an island of Om Aakar (Om sizes), whose circumambulation is of great importance. Here Lord Omkareshwar lives with Maa Parvati and the whole family and 33 Koti deities reside with his family.

Every worship performed here is of paramount importance. All the wishes of the seeker are fulfilled by the worship executed here.

Best time to perform Puja

It is believed that in the Jyotirlinga region there is no barrier of date and constellation to perform Puja.

Benifits of our Puja Services

  • Book Online Puja from Home

    Book Pooja from your home, attend the puja on the video call and get your prashadi delivered to your home.

  • Free Consult

    If you have any dosh in your Birth Kundali Consult our priest on the phone call, They will check your Kundali and help you for free.

  • Puja in Jyotirlinga region

    Worship in the pilgrimage area is of special importance. This puja will be held in Omkareshwar or Mahakal Jyotirlinga region.

  • Versed Priest from the jyotirlinga region

    Worship is complete only when it is done correctly. Our Pundit is, Our pandit is skillful and experienced.

Consult our Priest or Jyotish. It’s Free. This will take only a few minutes to connect. Call us on 1800-8896-150

Procedure of worship

Booking Online Puja

When you book your Online Puja and Abhishek, our priest will contact you to have some details like name, gotra, kundali, and some basic information after that they will check your Kundali and Nakshatra for the date and time of your Puja. After all the confirmations subsequently, you can attend the Puja either online or via video call, where our priest will perform all the rituals in your name. Meanwhile, if you are not available even for the video call then too not worry, we can send you the Video of the whole Puja. The prasad will be sent to you through courier and you can donate your Dakshina through an online medium.

Booking Offline Puja

Offline i.e. you can visit Omkareshwar or Ujjain for puja, then the rituals will be performed keeping in mind all the safety measures and prevention of Covid19.

Onine​ Puja Booking

How it Work?

Book Puja

Book your puja and Pay online securely by Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Net Banking /UPI

Give your details

After your Puja booking our priest will call you and approach you to have some details like name, gotra, kundali, etc

Attend Puja

Attend the Abhishek & Puja via video call/whatsapp call where our priest will perform all the rituals in your name 


Prasad will be sent to you through courier in the next 3 Days.

online puja services

Is online puja effective?

No matter whether it’s online pooja or onsite pooja if pooja is done in the proper manner of rituals and with the correct sankalpam, it will definitely reach you and give you fruitful results.

Pooja is not a matter of money or how grandly you perform it, but it is about the sadhana of the Priest and the faith of devotees. 

This online pooja or havan is not a new concept to Hinduism. In the same vein, it was performed in ancient India with Rishis Divya Dristi. At that time meditation and sadhana gave rishis all matters to their knowledge just like wireless wifi nowadays. Therefore, Online Puja is majorly recommended looking at our busy schedules. 

Thanx Soumya Bhatt for this guide 🙂

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