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Book Online Puja, Abhishek and jyotish

We have the best Priest, jyotish and Brahmans who do the puja path and Abhishek with proper Pre-eminent (विधि विधान ).
You can book the puja/Abhishek online from the comfort of your home.
This Puja & Abhishek are done in the holy land of Omkareshwar.

Omkareshwar best place for Puja Abhishek – Why?

In Omkareshwar, it is believed that here there are two appearances of the same Jyotirlinga, natural Om shaped hill (ओंकार पर्वत) where 33 Koti god and goddess lives, lord shiva and ma parvati relax here at night, Shankaracharya has taken learnings of Hindu religion here, Pandava spent a lot of time here during their exile, Maa Narmada and Maa Kaveri confluence ( संगम), and many more ancient temples, traditions and mythologies are there that makes this place best for Puja and Shiv Abhishek.

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Consult our Priest or Jyotish ..Its Free ..This will take only few Minutes to connect..Call us on 1800-8896-150

when you book your Online Puja or Abhishek , our priest will approach you to have some details like name, gotra, kundali etc. After that they will check your Kundali and nakshatra. After all the confirmations, you can attend the abhishek & Puja either online via video call, where our priest will perform all the rituals on your name and the prasadi will be send to you through courier and you can donate your dakshina through online medium.

Or offline i.e. you visit Omkareshwar for puja /abhishek, then the rituals will be performed keeping in mind all the safety measures and prevention of Covid19 (social distancing, mask etc.)

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