Om (ॐ) is the Mool Mantra of the four Vedas, 18 Puranas and innumerable Shastras

Although the echo of Omkar is heard in every particle of India, but there is a place on this land of India where Narmada and Kaveri, the sacred rivers of Sakshat Bharat, together form an island of Om Aakar (Om sizes). On this island (Omkare Parvat)
, Lord Shankar resides as Omkareshwar.  The Parikrama of this God land means the path to get closer to Lord Shiva. Here Lord Omkareshwar lives with Maa Parvati and the whole family and 33 kota deities reside with his family. There are many mythological temples here. The Pandavas had cut the time of their exile here. Shankaracharya had studied here and established Hindutva. Omkar Parikrama Marg is Around 7 kilometers long, ancient temples, ashrams, greenery, red-faced monkeys and Geeta shlokas will be written all over the way.

Temples on Omkar Parvat

​Kedareshwar Temple Omkareshwar

This temple has been built since ancient times ……
Kedarnath Jyotirlinga sits in the Himalayas. During the ancient times, Lord Kedarnath ji visited this place of Omkar Parvat due to the unbelievable prayers of many devotees. Here Kedarnath always resides here. This is a proven place. Just like Kedarnath darshan, worship and Kedar Ganga Snan, humans are liberated. In the same way, the greatness of this place is also the same. Therefore, after worshiping this holy Kedareshwar Shiva, one should pray to gain enlightenment, to gain his original form, Omkar.

The temple has a wall built of stones and stones, which is also known as Parkota in ancient times.
Nandi’s statue sits in front of the temple

Rin Mukteshwar Temple

OMkar Parvat has been the site of the Pandava’s Agyatvaas. When he asked Lord Krishna the reason for his suffering, God told him about this Agyatvaas due to Pitrurana. At the same time, he described the law of worship of Shiva on the Rin Mukteshwar, a ancient temple near the Narmada-Kaveri Sangam on Omkar Varavat Patikrama Marg. Pandavas established a Shivling during their Agyatwas by performing penance of Lord Shiva for debt relief. During the Pauranic period, gold lentils were used on the Shivling, later it became important to add gram lentils. 

The person who visits the Mamleshwar Linga, revolves around the Omkar Parvat, bathes in the Sangam, Faith worships this holy linga in a pure holy sense. Lord Rin-Mukteshwar frees him from all kinds of debts.

कुंती माता

यह मांदिर मांधाता द्वीप पर ॐकारेश्वर मंदिर से पूर्व की और स्थित है । जहाँ से प्रातः काल सूर्य अपनी ललिमा लिये हुए स्पष्ट दिखाई देता है ।
यह मंदिर कभी भव्य रूप मे रहा होगा। यहा की देवी कुंती माता जिन्हें कात्यायनी देवी व दस भूजा देवी के नाम से भी जाना जाता है। जो कभी मुचकुद किले की प्राचिर का भव्य मंदिर था। आज भी इस मँदिर के भग्नावशेष मंदिर की सुन्दरता को प्रकट करते है। इस मंदिर के गर्भग्रह में माता कुंती की ऊची प्रतिमा स्थित है जो की अब खंडित हो चुकी है। जिसके चेहरे के हाव भाव चित्ताकर्षित है। माता के बडे बडे नयन प्रमुख आकर्षण का केन्द्र है।