There are twelve jyotirlingas in the world. Of all this, Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga is not only most revered one but also has many other ancient temples and places. The importance of Omkareshwar jyotirlinga further can be propounded by the fact that the journey of Char dham and also twelve jyotirlinga is not considered as accomplished until the water is offered to Omkareshwar shivling and darshan are done at Omkareshwar temple as well as at Mamleshwar temple. Moreover, Omkareshwar jyotirling is eternal who existed, exist and will exist since eternal time immemorial indeed.

The scriptures say that just the darshan of this Omkareshwar jyotirlina vanishes all the sins of human being. Therefore, they should be worshiped with utmost devotion. Additionally, One should do the ‘parikrama’ only with the intension to earn Omkar stance. In fact, worshiping Omkareshwar jyotirling with God prostrate gives more virtuous benefits of worship.

According to a verse of Shiva Puranokta Dwadash jyotirlinga stroth, which actually include the names of all the twelve jyotirlingas and it mentions all of them are known as their respective place area.


Dwadash Jyotirlinga Shlok :

सौराष्ट्रे सोमनाथंच श्री शैले मल्लिकार्जुनम् |

उज्जयिन्यां महाकालमोंकारममलेश्वरम् ||

Appearance of Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga

In mythological books, it is clearly mentioned that king Mandhata, the 39th generation (ancestor) of king Ramchandra did severe penance and pleased Lord Shiva to appear here in a form of a ‘Linga’. While, as his first wish Omkareshwar shivling is the result of his austerities that we can feel the presence of Bholenath here in ‘swayambhu’ linga form. Additionally, He asked for two boons from lord Shiva. As a result of which, it is believed that Lord Shiva himself comes here during the night and plays the games called “Choupar” that is undoubtedly adorned here very beautifully on regular basis during the ‘Sayan aarti’. and for this reason the ‘Sayan aarti’ of omkareshwar jyotirlinga is famous all over the world.

Omkareshwar Temple

Omkareshwar temple is five storeyed. Certainly, Omkareshwar itself sits here in different forms of shivlinga with five different names in all the five floors. For this reason, it is said that the worship of Omkareshwar is considered to be fulfilled just by doing the darshan of all the five Shivlingas. 

Mahakaleshwar on the second floor, siddhnath on the third one, then kedareshwar on the fourth floor and finally, Gupteshwar on the fifth floor which is also known as Ghaneshwar jaldhari by many devotees. And of course, with omkareshwar shivling on the ground or first floor.

Significance of Omkareshwar Temple

It is believed here that Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, themselves come here, at
Omkareshwar jyotirling for night rest and as a result of which the ‘Sayan aarti’
and ‘ratri puja’ has its own importance and is famous everywhere.
In the night, it is said that Lord Shiva comes here and plays ‘choras’ with Maa
Parvati, therefore the ‘choras’ is laid daily before the doors of the Omkareshwar
temple are closed, in the morning when the doors get opened the chosar found to
be scattered, as if it has been played at night.

Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga is a “Swayambu” linga, in other words which is originated
by its own. It is consequently believed that the ‘char dham yatra’ is unfruitful
unless the darshan of omkareshwar jyotirling is done.

The Omkareshwar’s Mandhata or Shivpuri island is formed when river Narmada
gets separated in two parts, resulting in the formation of the island. It is believed
that Omkareshwar temple is exactly in the middle of the river. Also, when seen
the arial view of the island it appears to be in the shape of ‘OM’ (“ॐ”) 

The Omkareshwar temple is always crowded by the devotees. Firstly, they purify
themselves by ablution in the Narmada River. Secondly, they bring holy water of Maa
Narmada along with flower, coconut and other worshipping material. Finally, they
dedicate all that to omkareshwar shivling with prayers to fulfill their wishes. For special puja and
abhishek many of them brings Pundits too.

Jyotirlinga are the place where lord Shiva himself got manifested and further
situated in a form of a Linga here. On the other hand, Omkareshwar jyotirlinga is a
swayambhu linga, for this reason, it is believed that just by doing darshana here, one
get free of all his sins.

Where is Omkareshwar Temple?

Maa Narmada gets dispersed in two different directions to form a island called Mandhata or Omkar Parvat.
Omkareshwar temple is on this island ‘Mandhata’ or ‘Shivpuri’ in the Omkareshwar city. The island here is surrounded by the water of river Narmada and river kaveri (tributary of river Narmada).
One can reach the temple only by crossing the river, either by the bridge or through the boats. The ‘Mandhata’ or ‘Shivpuri’ island is approximately 4 kms long and 2 kms wide, evidently which seems to be in the shape of ‘OM’ when looked from the sky and indeed, it portrays a very beautiful picture of nature.

Omkareshwar jyotirlinga location on map

Omkareshwar jyotirlinga images :

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