Shivpriya Sawan Mass is the festival for shiv nagari omkareshwar..In omkareshwar sravan is celebrated with the joy, Devotion, Kavad yatra and Shiv puja.Throughout the month, there is a crowd of devotees and Kavad pilgrims. Omkareshwar and every path to omkareshwar reverberate with “Bhole Shambhoo,Bhole Nath”

This year due to lockdown and Corona virus, the administration has advised the devotees who do not come here and anoint the worship online.Arrangements of 2000 people are made in one day.

On every Monday of the month of Shravan, the Palki of Omkareshwar and Mamaleshwar Jyotirlinga comes out to visit the city.
On the last Monday of Shravan, Maha-sawari and Gulal Utsav is celebrated ..
Devotee who experiecne it live,feels very blessed.
It is said that every year the gods of heaven also do Shiva Abhishek on this day with rain water.

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