Omkareshwar – The must visit city

Omkareshwar-Mamleshwar Jyotirlinga,Ma Narmada-Kaveri Sangam,
Omkar parvat (belief – 99Koti Devi Devtas live here),Origin of Hinduism,ancient temples ,
inexplicable beliefs and miracles and the beauty of Nature
make the Omkareshwar city as “must visit”. There is hunderds of temples and places to visit in Omkareshwar.; Hear we are guiding you to top six places to visit in Omkareshwar.

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How to reach

Bus is now available for omkareshwar after lockdown ,but not for regular us to confirm today’s bus time.

You can also reach hear by personal car or taxi.

Omkareshwar is inhabited by 12 kms from Indore-Khandwa Highaway.

From indore -Nearly 80 KMs.
From Khandwa -Nearly 70 KMs.
From Ujjain -Nearly 140 KMs.

Tour Packages is also available for Omkareshwar which incuded all the fare and expences of your trip, and ofers you Personal tour assistant in can check hear

Places to visit in Omkareshwar


Ma Narmada

मैं नर्मदा (Narmada)  हूं। जब गंगा नहीं थी , तब भी मैं थी। जब हिमालय नहीं था , तभी भी...

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NArmada kaveri sangam

नर्मदा कावेरी संगम

प्रथम संगम और कथा ओंकार पर्वत की पूर्व दिशा में ओंकारेश्वर से एक मील पहले नर्मदा जी के साथ कावेरी...

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Omkareshwar jyotirlinga

Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga

संसार में कुल 12 ज्योतिर्लिंग है। इसमें से ओंकारेश्वर ज्योतिर्लिंग ( Omkareshwar Jyotirlinga ) सबसे अधिक पूज्यनीय है |शिव पुराणोक्त...

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Lockdown instructions Omkareshwar

Corona positive in omkareshwar : 0 ♥.

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