The holy Maa Narmada Kaveri Sangam is in Omkareshwar. Here the two sisters meet twice. Before Omkareshwar Dam, both of them get separated for the first time. After separation, both of them build Omkar Parvat, Where Bhagwan Shankar himself lives with his family. The two rivers merge again just after Omkareshwar. Which is called Narmada Kaveri Sangam

Pratham Sangam and Katha

On the east side of Mount Omkar, the first confluence of river Kaveri with Narmada is a mile before Omkareshwar. The holy place where Kuber ji’s temple is. This place is the place of Bramhaji, the creator of the physical world. Earlier there was a temple of Bramhaji in which the beautiful black stone statue of Bramhaji was seated. Kubera ji had done penance at this place and obtained the position of overlord of the Yakshas with the blessing of Brahma. At one time Ravana defeated Kubera in battle and took away all his wealth with Navnidhi. After losing everything, Kubera ji did a harsh penance at this place of Omkareshwar. Pleased with the austerity of Kubera Ji, Bramhaji again conferred the post of Dhanadhipati and Yakshadhipati with Navnidhi to Kubera Ji.


After about 1 kilometer from the first confluence, both rivers separate. The Kaveri flows towards the north of Omkar Parvat and the Narmada flows to the south. And till the Narmada Kaveri Sangam, the two flows together, forbidding each other again. Due to which this mountain becomes an om shaped island and takes the form of omkar. This holy place is called Narmada Kaveri Sangam.

This place is very important. To complete the wish, travelers build stone houses at this place. The legend behind this is that the more storey buildings you build by placing stones on top of each other, the more storey buildings you get in the future. There is also an ancient Shiva temple at this place, during which the pariksha is done and after worshiping, the water is left for the Omkar parikrama and farther.

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